Let’s take this viral

STOP, START, or CHANGE - Someone needs to know.

Critical conversations save lives.

Therefore, the information shared here may be affecting you or someone you love. No one is immune to akathisia if they are taking an SSRI for any reason.

When people STOP, START, OR CHANGE AN SSRI they can experience a serious adverse drug reaction called akathisia. AKATHISIA can lead to self harm, suicide, and violence.

Take it to the dinner table. Help us take this viral. Become a Butterfly for Joe and spread awareness of the possible dangers.



Help us spread awareness of AKATHISIA around the world.


  1. Talk with your doctor, your family and trusting friends about the SSRI you are either taking or going to take.

  2. Close monitoring, when you stop, start or change an SSRI is crucial to YOUR safety. The first 30 days is when the most violence and suicides can happen. These facts are outlined on the FDA Guidelines and your doctor should discuss these with you. (See the resource section for ehealthme.com and the FDA Guideline)

  3. Now make a sign and post it to your social media accounts. Post it on your social media and ButterfliesforJoe.org. Please use your first name only and the city you live in currently. Use #ButterfliesforJoe when posting online so we can build a world-wide community.

    I am a Butterfly for Joe because….

    I’m a Butterfly for Joe because my best friend, husband and father of my children was taken from us because WE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR.


    I’m a Butterfly for Joe because I deserve to know that prescribed product so easily given out, can cause death to someone I love.

The more people that share this, the bigger difference we can make in ultimately getting the SSRI labels changed.

Our goal is for both prescription labels and doctors prescribing medication to explicitly say: ANYONE TAKING AN SSRI FOR ANY REASON SHOULD BE AWARE OF THE POTENTIAL OF AKATHISIA.


Table Talk

Mental well being is a major topic in our world today, as it should be. Everyone at sometime in their life, faces mental challenges. Whether it be workplace stress, relationship problems or general anxiety. We all will benefit from honest communication with trusting family and friends.  Some people also benefit from talk therapy or a conversation with their doctors. If people should choose to try an SSRI, it’s imperative they tell a trusted family member or friend who knows them well and understands their baseline before starting the prescribed drug.

When starting, stopping or changing an SSRI, the FDA Guidelines state that patients should be closely monitored for any unusual changes in behavior. Many times when people are suffering from akathisia they are unable to recognize it in themselves. You need to report these changes to their doctor and/or take them immediately to the hospital.

Life is busy and dinner time is a chance to have real conversations. Find the time for table talk.


“More than 6 million U.S. children have been put on mind-altering psychiatric drugs for a ‘mental disorder’ called “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” or “ADHD.”

“Another 1.5 million children are prescribed antidepressants known to cause suicidal ideation and violent behavior.”

Mental Health in Crisis, published by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, 2015.

Take it to the dinner table.


The Butterfly Effect

Artist:  Vladimir Kush, galleries in Maui, Las Vegas and Laguna Beach, CA.


Vladimir Kush, galleries in Maui, Las Vegas and Laguna Beach, CA.

It has been said, in a variety of ways, that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

It’s the theory that even the smallest step one takes in their life can change the course of said life immensely.

Together by spreading accurate information about akathisia, we can save others from avoidable suffering.